Wine & Champagne

Together with the help of the most demanding French winemakers, this combination of luxurious flavors was created.

Luxury Beer

Inspired by German wisdom, to accompany the most varied Premium and Craft beers.

Gin & Tonic

Based on British culture and together with the best English gin producers.

Delicious crunchy snacks made from oven-roasted peanuts and rice, coated and flavored
with unique and original flavors originating from various cultures and traditions.
A magical experience of new flavors that are distinct from any other product.

Imagine a trip around the World, where on each Continent you are confronted with the most varied flavors, aromas and colors.
An Italian risotto, a churrasco in Brazil, a serving of Chili in Mexico and the spices of Morocco and India.

The ?Nuts Original? provide us with all these sensations due to their bold and unmistakable blend of ingredients.
With the ?Nuts Original? savoring our favorite drink becomes a unique ritual that transports us to all these places.

With each snack, a new flavor, a new journey. A true moment of tasting!

The Nuts Original are designed for connoisseurs of quality drinks such as gins, premium and craft beers, champagnes and wines that want to be accompanied by an aperitif snack to enhance their taste.