The pause moments just got tastier

Get to know our Snack Pause and choose your favorite for your customers!

Snack Pause is a new concept from Nuts Original, developed to provide fun and well-being to its customers.

The healthy break that never tasted so good

Snack Pause is a grab 'n' go trend snack that provides a healthy lifestyle:

"High protein and fiber content
"No added sugars
"Suitable for vegetarians

And of course... Super delicious!

Ready to go anywhere

We know how important the convenience of having snacks always at hand throughout the day is. For this reason, our Snack Pause snacks are ready to eat in small 25g packages, with powerful blends of flavor and protein.

Anytime, Anywhere

The Snack Pause will accompany your customers wherever they go and whenever they want: at the office, at the gym, at the pool, or between meals, it's ready to delight them.

When being healthy and delicious never tasted so good!