Perfect For Your Business!

Nuts Original puts at your disposal unique solutions to successfully toast your business.

Carefully selected snacks for your business, with the premium quality you deserve

Nuts Original provides you with unique and special solutions perfect for your business. With each snack, a new flavor, a new trip ? a real moment of tasting! The ?Nuts Original? are aimed at connoisseurs of quality drinks such as Gins, Premium and Craft Beers, Champagne, Wines, ? that ask to be accompanied by an exquisite appetizer snack, that will highlight even more its flavor.

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The missing star in your hotel

Make your guests' experience unforgettable and unique with premium snacks, specially designed for your hotel. Wherever we are we are always looking for the best company, a drink to relax, accompanied by a touch of refinement ? Nuts Original will be that company.

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Nuts Original has developed a snack delicious and healthy for your day, crispy chickpeas, was a recipe idealized a super vegetable product, full of flavor, with a light touch of sea salt , and high vitamin value and mineral. Crispy chickpeas, your nutritious snack full of protein and fiber.