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Healthy eating can be simple and? irresistibly tasty? The Original Nuts proves it! Born in 2009 in the north of Portugal, the Nuts Original is a name that leaves no one indifferent when it comes to the world of snacks.




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The Original Nuts developed a new concept where healthy snacks meet the taste and pleasure of eating!

Always associated with the prestige and needs of the market, more than creating new products, we are pioneers in the development of new concepts and new experiences in the world of snacks. Such characteristics lead us to an incessant reinvention of trends, which meet the current lifestyle with healthy and delicious snacks, constantly innovating and enhancing the snackification phenomenon.

Based in Portugal, our products are in 27 countries, 13 of which are new markets: France, South Africa, USA, Belgium, Croatia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Angola, Canada, Australia,

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We develop our lines thinking of each type of consumer, at each moment of our lives, and thus we have 42 products in our portfolio.

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